About Us


Born in 2004, He-Shi is the sophisticated and quality self tanning brand loved by beauty editors and used by celebrities the world over. Discover for yourself why an increasing number of men and women are turning to He-Shi to look great and feel better everyday...

At He-Shi we only use high quality and scientifically balanced ingredients, so regardless of the product you choose to use, you know you’ll be sporting a safe and healthy tan you can be proud of!


He-Shi’s unique Youth Revivé Opti Tan formulas, provide quick and easy application with an instant bronzed colour, while Moisture Lock Technology with superior ingredients hydrates the skin and prolongs your tan.
He-Shi provides multi functional benefits for the skin by rejuvenating your skin’s appearance and helps fight the signs of ageing.
Loved by beauty editors and used by celebrities the world over, men and women are turning to He-Shi for an all year round bronzed complexion with added skincare benefits!

Why use He-Shi?

While colour is still the key, there’s more to He-Shi than beautiful bronzing:

• An instant, golden and natural looking finish

• It’s quick and easy to apply with its ‘see where it goes
formula’ to guarantee a streak free, perfect finish everytime

• Dries instantly and lasts for up to 10 days with a perfect fade

• Odourless avoiding any overpowering smells

• Added moisturisers keep the skin hydrated and more
youthful, preventing the signs of ageing

• pH balanced, He-Shi is kind and gentle even on the most
sensitive of skins

• Only the finest grade of ingredients are used, including
100% Natural DHA, and all of our
tanning lines are paraben and alcohol free

• Self tan is the safe alternative and eliminates the
harmful risks associated with overexposure to the sun