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5 Tips for a Catwalk Ready Tan

5 Tips for a Catwalk Ready Tan

21st Mar 2017

You don’t need to be walking the runway this fashion week to look as if you could be! As the Official Beauty Partner of Belfast Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017, we know exactly what you need to achieve the same beautifully bronzed skin and flawless body that you see on the pages of magazines. You’re just a few self-tanning and styling tricks away from the perfect catwalk ready tan!

Image credit: Julien McDonald Show SS17

Below, we share five top tips that models use to prep for a big event, as well as the products you can use to get a similar catwalk look at home.

1. Exfoliate

Aim to exfoliate all over around 2-3 times a week, depending on how sensitive your skin is. It is important to exfoliate on a regular basis to remove dead skin cells and keep your skin as smooth and healthy as possible. Exfoliating will also help to make your skin look brighter and even prevent breakouts.

Use our He-Shi Exfoliating Gloves in the shower to exfoliate the body and remove any old tan. When planning to use a self tanner, always exfoliate the day before to let your skin settle and prevent any irritation from occurring.

2. Moisturise

You should moisturise daily after showering to help keep your skin hydrated both before and after self tanning. Use a rich body lotion to restore moisture to your skin and prevent your skin from drying out throughout the day. This is particularly important after you have used a self tanner as this will help it to last much longer, prevent your tan from going patchy and form a protective barrier over the top layer of skin.

3. Choose the right tan for your skin tone

For those of you with fair skin, our Body Sculpting Gradual Tan will help build up a subtle glow, and you can keep applying it depending on how dark you want your tan to be. This product will also smooth out your skin and help reduce the appearance of cellulite for extra catwalk ready points. Or try our Rapid 1 Hour Liquid Tan; it's light, non-sticky formula shows an immediate colour but continues to get darker for up to 4 hours. It will be perfect for fairer skin tones and ready to be showered off after just 1 hour.

For medium and darker skin tones, our Express Liquid Tan and Face & Body Tanning Gel will provide a natural olive tan. If you want an extra dark tan, try our luxurious Dark Foaming Mousse. These are best applied at night and washed off the next morning for the perfect catwalk bronze.

4. Contour and highlight

Try adding a darker shade of self tanner to the insides of your arms and legs and a little to your chest area and to outline your abdominal muscles. After you’ve showered off the guide colour, finish the look by applying our Sublime Dry Oil enriched with natural jojoba and avocado oils to give your skin a healthy, dewy glow and leave it feeling super hydrated. Add a sweep of bronzer underneath your cheekbones and a highlighter to the top of your cheekbones, nose and décolletage to accentuate these areas.

5. Top it up

Double your tan’s lifespan by topping up your original tan with our Day to Day Gradual Tan. This moisturiser is rich in Aloe Vera and Vitamin E and will keep your skin feeling hydrated while adding a subtle glow to your complexion and making your tan last much longer. If you’re on the go, you could just add a matt bronzer to any areas you think need a bronzing boost!