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6 top tips for applying fake tan

6 top tips for applying fake tan

13th Dec 2016

If you are a newbie to the wonderful world of fake tanning, the thought of applying it can be nerve-wracking. Especially if you imagine you may end up looking like a cheesy puff. We get it! Here are a few fake tanning hacks to make sure you get the perfect natural glow without any mishaps.


1. Remove any hair

Obviously fake tanning is all about flashing a bit of flesh, so ensuring that you don't have any hair in all of the wrong places would be a good idea! Waxing would be a better option than shaving as you won’t end up with any stubble that will show through your tan. Book in for a wax appointment or purchase wax strips from your local beauty store. Waxing also gets rid of dead skin cells so your tan won't flake off as quickly. Ensure you do this 24 hours before tanning.

2. Exfoliate

Once you have waxed any areas with excess hair, make sure you get rid of the rest of your dead skin cells; most importantly on your elbows, knees and neck where it will be most evident. We recommend our very own He-Shi Exfoliating Bodywash 50ml to get the job done.

3. Avoid moisturisers

Although it may seem like the norm to cover your body in moisturiser on the day of tanning to make your skin softer, don't. The moisturiser will act like a barrier and your tan will end up patchy and rub off, which wouldn’t be a good look.


1. Purchase a good tanning Mitt 

Our He-Shi Tanning Mitt will ensure that you get a good, even application every time.

2. Apply to the face, hands and feet last 

Use the tan residue left on the mitt after you have applied tan to your body to then go over your hands, feet and face. These areas only need a light coat as they stain very easily with too much tan. Be careful not to rub onto your eyebrows if you are fair-haired as they may temporarily dye them to a bright orange colour.

3. Less is more 

When applying to your body, be sure not to use too much tan, as this technique may also cause patchiness. Apply in small, even amounts for full natural coverage.

If you would like any further information on our quality fake tan He-Shi range, please contact us today!