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Benefits of fake tan over sun tans and sunbeds

Benefits of fake tan over sun tans and sunbeds

22nd Dec 2016

Whether you're going abroad this Christmas to get some winter sun, or your preferred tanning method is to jump on the sunbeds for a quick fix, both can be extremely harmful to the skin and must not be looked into lightly. Have you considered what fake tan can do for you as an alternative to these methods? Here are a few benefits to why you should be using fake tan instead of natural sun tanning and sunbeds.

1. Convenience

Unlike sitting outside and waiting to tan or having to drive over to the salon to go on the sunbeds, fake tan can be applied at any time in the comfort of your own home, and therefore is highly convenient. By choosing the perfect fake tan, you can achieve your desired colour without having to do any hard work!

2. Health

With natural sun tanning and sunbeds, the longer you lie and wait to be tanned, the darker you will get - yet this can be extremely damaging. Studies have shown the UV radiation from sunbeds can cause cancer, and therefore you are at risk of this developing later on in life. Fake tans can provide a safe solution to achieve light, medium or dark tones, depending on your preferred shade.

3. A cover up

The great thing about fake tan is that it can hide a number of sins. Whether you are conscious of your freckles, acne scars, uneven skin tones or blemishes, fake tan can cover it up quickly and effectively. This cannot be achieved with sun tanning or sunbeds, therefore fake tan could be the method for you if you are hoping to smooth out problem areas.

4. Go au naturel

If you are usually one for wearing make-up, using fake tanning products means you no longer have to wear foundation if you are hoping to give your skin a break. Once you apply a gradual fake tan, it will last for days to give your skin a healthy glow.

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