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Beverley's Skin Cancer Story: Journey to Safe Tanning with He-Shi

Beverley's Skin Cancer Story: Journey to Safe Tanning with He-Shi

6th Aug 2021

With two adult daughters and hobbies that include all things fashion and beauty Beverley lives a happy life with her friends and family. However, the last few years for Beverley have not been easy. After being diagnosed with skin cancer in 2019 she began the fight of her life to get her health back on track.

This summer Beverley reached out to He-Shi to share her love for our products and to share her skin cancer journey. 

"The HD Wonder Glow is truly stunning it evens out my not-so-perfect skin and covers my skin cancer scars lovely. It makes me feel confident again."

With her consent we decided to share her story to raise awareness of the impact sun exposure and sun-bed use can have on your health. This is Beverley's story.

Like most of us, Beverley loved having a tan. At the age of 18, Beverley's father bought her, her first at home sunbed. Back in the 80's self-tan was not favourable and skin cancer awareness was not something that was talked about. Warnings and growing concerns about the association between skin cancer and sunbeds only became evident in 2003 when the World Health Organisation ran a risk assessment. 

10 years ago the first red flags began to emerge. After noticing small dry itchy patches of skin on her legs she spoke with her doctor who at the time didn't share Beverley's concern. With no advice given Beverley spent the next 6-7 years visiting her GP about her skin worries and was provided creams to help. Finally, in 2019 she was referred to a Dermatologist.

After several painful biopsies, Beverley finally had an answer.

After the results, Beverley's battle began and doctors began to treat/remove her skin cancer. With various areas of her skin affected each patch had to be treated individually. In December of 2019 under local anaesthetic, the mark on her ankle was removed.

Since then Beverley has undergone chemotherapy treatment on some of the other patches on her body. The treatment included a chemo cream which comes with a host of horrible side effects. Stinging, burning, nausea and vomiting to mention a few.

"The impact this has on my family has been enormous I wish I could take that pain away from them."

Now Beverley lives sun-free and continues to educate herself and others on the best sun safety precautions. Beverley's outlook on life has completely changed, however, one thing remains the same... She still LOVES a tan only this time, it's from a bottle. We are delighted that Beverley has tried and tested almost every brand possible and finally has found her perfect match in He-Shi. She first found the brand when searching on her favourite beauty website Look Fantastic. Beverley first fell in love with He-Shi's hero product our Express Liquid Tan.

With her confidence in the self-tan arena increasing Beverley has now fallen in love with a range of He-Shi products including our Tan RemoverHD wonder Glow and the Rapid 1hr Liquid when she wants a deeper, darker tan.

"The HD wonder glow is truly stunning it evens out my not-so-perfect skin and covers my skin cancer scars lovely. It makes me feel confident again."

Beverley's skin cancer journey isn't over and she will continue to fight this horrible disease. She is determined to get through this and raise awareness regarding sun safety. 

For more information on skin cancer signs and symptoms please visit The Irish Caner Society Website or contact your GP.