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The Tan Commandments: how to fake a perfect tan this winter

The Tan Commandments: how to fake a perfect tan this winter

7th Dec 2016

It happens to everybody, even celebrities. A tell-tale streak here, or a white bit there. But if you follow the Tan Commandments, you'll achieve the perfect tan through winter and into the New Year.

Choose the right tan

A gradual tan is perfect for fake tan beginners, as you can build the colour gradually over a few days. Choose a product like our Body Sculpting Gradual Tan and you'll enjoy the benefits of moisture lock technology and active slimming ingredient Intenslim, too.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

Before you tan you'll need to exfoliate thoroughly. By getting rid of dead skin cells, your skin will be perfectly smooth for a patch-free tan.

Wax on, wax off

If you're getting a wax, book it for the day before you intend to tan otherwise you'll get dark dots on your skin where the fake tan accumulates in the hair follicles. If you shave, leave it until the day after.

Clean up

Fake tan is best applied on scrupulously clean skin, so step into the shower before you start. One great tip is to finish with a cold blast, to minimise the pores.

Consider your lighting

Most people choose to tan in the bathroom, but this may not be the best place if your lighting is poor. If your bedroom is brightly lit and, better yet, has a full-length mirror, then it's a great place to apply your fake tan. Wherever you choose, make sure you won't be interrupted.

It takes time to get it right

Don't rush. Take your time to get your fake tan absolutely right.

Use moisturiser to avoid embarrassing build up

There's nothing worse than having suspiciously dark elbows and knees that can ruin all your hard work. A slick of moisturiser on eyebrows, knees and elbows helps to even up your tan.

Go from the toes

Working upwards means you won't smudge the bits you've already tanned. Pay attention to areas like in between the toes and your hairline and don't make the novice mistake of not using a tanning mitt for the best application.

Let it dry

Make sure you dry off thoroughly so you don't spoil your hard work and prep. If you're using our Rapid 1 Hour Tan, then leaving it a little longer will deepen the colour, too.

Clean it up

If you've followed the tan commandments, your tan will be gorgeous, golden and streak free. But if you do make any mistakes, you can clean them up by applying lemon juice, leaving for 2 minutes, before gently buffing it off with a towel.

So follow the tan commandments and enjoy that golden glow all winter long!