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Top Tips for Self-Isolation Tanning

Top Tips for Self-Isolation Tanning

Posted by Fiona on 8th Apr 2020

We know being stuck at home with nowhere to go doesn’t always require a glowing tan, but sometimes a little self-care goes a long way in lifting your mood and making yourself feel a little better!

See our top tips for maintaining your perfect glow.

Tip 1

Preparation is key.

Make sure your skin is prepped and ready. Shave or wax at least 24 hours in advance. Ensure old tan has been removed (we recommend the He-Shi Tan remover and primer. This is a luxurious mousse packed full of fruit acids and enzymes that gently removes self-tan and dead skin leaving you with a blank canvas to apply a clean layer of tan. No need to scrub your skin raw, leave this on for 5 minutes and shower off!

Next we recommend you apply a moisturiser to any dry areas – feet, hands, elbows, knees and anywhere else you need it. This helps to make sure tan applies more evenly in these areas.

Tip 2

Choosing the right tan for you.

We have a wide variety of formulas and shades to help you choose the perfect option for your skin type. All of our formulas are extremely hydrating and nourishing on the skin and dry instantly without transfer on to sheets and clothes!

Once you have picked your perfect He-Shi formula, we recommend applying with a mitt, starting with your legs and working your way up to the neck and face. Aim for a light coating and add more if you want to go for a deeper shade. Using our mousse formula use two pumps for each arm, lower and upper leg torso and chest is recommended. A great tip for tanning hands and feet is to use an old make-up brush and lightly sweep the brush over hands and feet for an even application.

Don’t forget to tan your face – whilst all of our tanning products can be used on the face, we also offer our overnight hyaluronic tan balm infused with lavender to calm the body and mind. This revolutionary anti-aging skin firming tan allows you to awake with a natural golden glow.

Tip 3

Maintaining your glow.

Once your tan has achieved the desired colour, wash off the product and apply moisturiser all over to keep skin hydrated and prolong the life of your tan.

All of our He-Shi collection wears off evenly due to the moisture lock technology and hydrating ingredients such as glycerin and pentavitin. If you see your tan start to fade after a few washes, a great tip is to top your tan up with our Day to Day Gradual Tanner which is easily absorbed, contains vitamin B5 to nourish and smooth skin leaving it hydrated whilst topping up your colour.