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Getting Started at Home


Starting your own enterprise need not be stressful or daunting!

Here are a few tips on becoming a successful He-Shi Mobile Spray Tanner quickly and easily (our motto!).


What qualifications do I need…?

You don’t need any prior qualifications or experience. Our He-Shi tanning professionals can provide the training and support you need to develop your Spray Tanning skills, to ensure you deliver the perfect flawless tan every time.

You don’t need to be an expert to start a successful business.  With over 20 years experience in the beauty and tanning and beauty industry, our team of experts are ideally placed to give you advice on the best way to promote your business, as well as offering a range of bespoke marketing materials to help you communicate effectively with your client base.

I would like to start right away but am concerned about the cost…

  • Low start up costs mean that you can train quickly and start earning immediately!
  • Low investment = low risk! No overheads mean a less risky choice in career.
  • Benefit from the tanning boom! The self tanning market is growing year on year meaning there will always be opportunity to expand your business.

A business model to suit you...

  • Make new friends and meet new people while doing something enjoyable and rewarding
  • A fun and social role for personal development
  • Choose your own work schedule and appointments
  • Earn additional income or a little extra spending money for your holidays, a new car or towards the house…..
  • Your gateway to a new career in an exciting and developing industry
  • A service to suit the needs of your clients



Given that we all lead increasingly busy lives, it’s no surprise that we often find it hard to find time to look after ourselves.

Providing an ‘at home’ service offers the perfect solution to the usual time constraints of the work-life balance.

Clients will feel more relaxed being Spray Tanned by someone they know, and being pampered in their own home brings an added element of comfort and convenience - they don’t, for example, have to leave the house to have professional treatments completed or get dressed after application.

A Glowing Success!

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