A Tan for EveryBODY

A Tan for EveryBODY

A new era for He-Shi Exceptional Tan

With the launch of our new website comes a new era for He-Shi.

Inclusive Tanning Brand

The He-Shi brand has always aimed to be inclusive and create products that everybody can use and love. As we launch our new website, we want to showcase this more than ever with our unedited imagery and model diversity. Our mission is to bring body positivity into everything we do and celebrate YOU.

Fake tan for real bodies

Confidence and empowerment are at the very heart of our brand. You won’t find any filtered images of models because we don’t live in a filtered world. We are embracing stretch marks, scars, cellulite, hip dips and anything that is deemed as an “imperfection” because that is exactly what makes each of us unique. There is no one-size-fits-all when its comes to our bodies and we believe that no matter your shape, size, gender, race or ability, you deserve to look and feel beautiful in your own skin.

Bernadette Hagans with He-Shi Overnight Hyaluronic Tan Balm

A tan with skincare benefits

At He-Shi we go deeper than your average tanning brand and , not just in terms of shade. We provide a glowing tan with a host of skincare benefits to match. Our promise is to give you a tan that is formulated with all of the best, high-quality skin-loving ingredients that nourish and hydrate your skin from the outside in. Be good to your skin, you'll wear it for the rest of your life.

We are so proud of where He-Shi is today and we are so grateful to you, our customers, that not only continue to shop with He-Shi but also share your raving reviews, send us photos and spread the He-Shi word.

We are He-Shi, we are proud to create a tan for everyBODY.