Preparation & Aftercare

A flawless tan starts with perfectly prepped skin. A clean base allows your tan application to apply easily and absorb effectively without any dry, scaly patches appearing.

After applying your tan we also have products to apply to enhance your tanning application for a flawless finish.

Tan Remover & Primer

Need a clean start? Look no further than our Tan Remover and Primer. This amazing product is packed full of AHAs to remove old tan and dead skin cells gently yet effectively, leaving skin clean, fresh and ready for your next tanning application.

HD Wonder Glow

The perfect finishing product to enhance your tan. Apply our HD Wonder Glow on its own for an instant tan, or apply on top of your self-tan to illuminate skin, cover imperfections and even skin tone. This is make-up for the body!

Fusion Bronzer

Looking for an instant glow? Apply our Fusion Bronzer to face and body to achieve an instant sun-kissed glow. This 3 in 1 product can be used as a bronzer, blusher or highlighter – apply when and where needed!