Brush versus Mitt to apply self-tan

Brush versus Mitt to apply self-tan

When it comes to applying self-tanner, you have a few options, including using a mitt or a brush. Both tools can be effective, but they offer different benefits and techniques. Let's take a look at each method.


Using a mitt is a popular choice for applying self-tanner because it helps to distribute the product evenly and prevent streaks. Here's how to use a mitt:

  • Squeeze the self-tanner onto the mitt and spread it evenly across the surface.
  • Begin applying the self-tanner to your body using circular motions. Start with small sections and blend it well into your skin.
  • Use light strokes and be careful around areas like elbows, knees, and ankles, where the self-tanner can tend to gather.
  • Repeat the process until you've covered the desired areas.

The mitt provides a smooth and even application, reducing the chances of streaks or uneven patches. It also protects your hands from getting stained.


Using a brush to apply self-tanner can be beneficial if you're looking for more precision, particularly on smaller areas like the face, hands, and feet. Here's how to use a brush:

  • Apply a small layer of tan to the brush.
  • Apply the self-tanner using gentle strokes, starting with a light layer and building up if needed.
  • Blend the self-tanner into the skin, making sure to avoid harsh lines or streaks.
  • Pay extra attention to areas like the hairline, eyebrows, and around the nails to achieve a natural look.
  • Clean the brush thoroughly after use.

Using a brush allows for more control, especially when applying self-tanner to specific areas. It can help you achieve more precise results, but it may take a bit longer to cover larger areas compared to using a mitt.

Ultimately, the choice between a mitt and a brush comes down to personal preference and the desired level of control. Some people may prefer the convenience and speed of a mitt for larger body areas, while others may prefer the precision offered by a brush for more detailed work. Experimenting with both methods can help you determine which one works best for you.

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