Flawless Face Tanning with He-Shi | Tips & Tricks

Flawless Face Tanning with He-Shi | Tips & Tricks

You've finally gotten the hang of self-tanning your body. You hardly ever end up with streaky wrists and ankles anymore. But when it comes to your face...well that can be a little tricky. Check out our top face tanning tips below and achieve a flawless face tan this summer with He-Shi! 

Face Tanning Tip 1 - Prep and prime

    Just like your full body tanning routine, prepping the skin is vital to achieving the best result.  



    We recommend exfoliating your face the day before application. This removes any dead skin cells, leaving your skin silky smooth and ready for tanning 24hrs later. 

    When you're ready to apply your self-tan, make sure you cleanse your skin beforehand to remove dirt and oil build up, then pat the skin with cold water to close your pores and let your skin dry. This helps ensure your tan has a clean base and will give you the best chance of achieving a streak/patch free tan. 

    Face Tanning Tip 2 - Choose the right product

      Now that your face is ready to glow it's time to choose your self-tan. 

      Subtle Tan Lovers 

      Get your He-Shi glow with the added bonus of skin-loving ingredients from our Overnight Hyaluronic Tan Balm. 


      This product contains potent anti-ageing & rejuvenating ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid which reinforces the skin’s barrier and boosts its ability to attract and retain moisture. This will give your skin a hydrated and youthful appearance. 

      Apply 1-2 pumps of our Overnight Hyaluronic Tan Balm to your makeup brush or a clean mitt (whichever you prefer) and lightly apply the product to your face. This formula is buildable so you can add it into your regular skincare routine for a hassle-free gradual tan. Avoid eyebrows and blend carefully around the hairline. Allow to develop overnight. 

      High impact 

      If you are looking for a slightly darker face tan then our H2O Glow Hyaluronic Face Mist is a great choice. Simply spritz and glow for natural, youthful, glowing skin! 


      This product is a skin-quenching self-tan facial water. Designed for the face and won’t block pores. The holy grail of hydration, Hyaluronic Acid locks in skin's moisture and helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. This product is infused with He-Shi's signature scent of refreshing white nectarine and pear! 

      The mist is easy to apply. Simply close your eyes and spritz over the face and chest area, blending with a make-up brush or He-Shi tanning mitt! 

      Leave to develop over 6-8 hours, no need to rinse. This product won't transfer onto your clothes so you can take it down your neck and chest too!  

      Control the intensity of your colour: 1-2 spritz for a medium colour and 3-4 for a darker colour. 

      No commitment 

      Unsure about using self-tan on your face? HD Wonder Glow is a great option for someone looking to wash off at the end of the day.  


      This instant tanning product can be used as a tanning makeup for the face and body. With a gorgeous shimmer, make-up artists and make-up lovers apply this product onto their cheek and collar bones! 

      This product is great for a stress-free sunkissed look that stays put all day and night but washes off with soap and water. 

      Face Tanning Tip 3 - Finish with a bronzer

        Use He-Shi's Fusion Multi Bronze to complete your look! 



        He-Shi's Fusion Multi Bronze is a 3 in 1 ultra-light pearlised powder bronzer that conjures a spectrum of colours. 

        The luminous bronzing powder for the face & body gives a sheer, natural glow with a hint of golden shimmer for a luxurious sun-kissed look. This can be used to top up your tan or can be used alone to bronze your skin. 

        Suitable for all skin types and skin tones, it glides on leaving a soft velvety finish. Fusion Multi Bronze can be used either as a blush or bronzer! 

        You can't go wrong with this product as it's easy to use and completely fool proof. After tanning, apply to face, cheeks, eyes, and body to enhance a perfect, bronzed silky complexion.  

        Face tanning isn't scary when you use He-Shi. So next time you're getting your glow on, make sure you don't leave out your face!