He-Shi Moisture Lock Technology - What is it?

He-Shi Moisture Lock Technology - What is it?

We all love the healthy golden glow that a self-tan provides; we do not love the nasty, scaly and sometimes patchy wear off that comes with it. 

Finding the best fake tan

It can be a mind field trying to find the right self-tan for your needs that offers quick easy application, develops a natural, golden glow, smells great, doesn’t transfer, and fades as a natural tan would. He-Shi guarantees exceptional results with every application with part of that being the even and natural fade of our tan. We fortify our self-tanning products with Moisture Lock Technology. Moisture Lock Technology employs the most effective humectants available to maximise skin hydration providing the most flawless natural tan and even wear off. 

What are humectants?

You may be wondering what exactly is a humectant and why is it important? In short, a humectant is an ingredient that draws and holds moisture in the skin. For healthy skin function it is important to maintain around 10% moisture a cross the outer layers of the skin. The next question is why is this important? Maintaining the correct level of moisture in the top layers of the skin helps control the amount of skin cells being shed from the skins surface. Hydrated skin looks and feels healthy, skin lacking in moisture will look dry, flaky, and feel uncomfortable at times. 



We lose around 1 million skin cells every 40 minutes and they fall off in a mosaic pattern so at any one time the skin’s texture is uneven. For the most part this process goes unnoticed, however once we apply self-tan changing the colour of the outer layers of the skin this process of shedding can become more visible. If the skin is dry and or dehydrated this loss of skin cells is exaggerated leading to a patchy, scaly ware off of tan. 

Humectants in He-Shi Tan

He-shi’s Moisture Lock Technology consists of clinically proven humectants and skin nourishing actives. Iospentodyol™ is an amazing humectant proven to increase skin hydration by 105% on application. Pentvtan™ has been clinically proven to increase hydration by 40% and stay present in the skin for up to 7 days thus maximising skin hydration for the duration of your He-Shi self-tan application. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most effective humectants you can apply to your skin as it has been proven to bind and retain 1000x its own weight in water. That’s just to name a few of our superstar humectants. 

Moisture Lock Technology also enriches our self-tanning products with nourishing Argan Oil and Avocado. Argan Oil is a unique oil due to how is derived as only half the process can be performed mechanically. Once the seeds are farmed the rest is done by hand, this leads to a deeply moisturising oil that targets, treats and banishes skin dryness. Avocado Oil is a super food for the skin! Avocado Oil provides multiple benefits, naturally enriched with vitamins, Avocado Oil will feed skin, nourish skin and promote skin healing. 

He-shi products are all carefully crafted and each self-tanning product is developed to ensure you avoid the pit falls of self-tanning, each product delivers an exceptional tan every time while keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy.