Image of Dark Express Liquid Tan

Elevate Your Glow with He-Shi New Dark Express Liquid Tan

Step into a new era of radiant skin with our latest innovation: Dark Express Liquid Tan. As we mark 20 years of setting the exceptional standard in tanning excellence, we're thrilled to unveil this exciting addition to our renowned and award-winning Express Liquid Tan range.

Experience a Deeper, Richer Tan

With our new Dark Express Liquid Tan, you can expect an elevated tanning experience like never before. Boasting a deeper, richer hue, this formula delivers a flawless tan while providing ultimate hydration and a natural fade – the hallmark of He-Shi's signature tanning solutions.


Innovation at the Heart of He-Shi

At He-Shi, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Our team's relentless dedication and unwavering focus have led to the creation of Dark Express Liquid Tan, surpassing expectations and setting a new benchmark in tanning perfection. Whether you're a long-time fan or new to our brand, we're confident that Dark Express Liquid Tan will become your new tanning essential.

Our founder, Hilary, shares in our excitement for this milestone: "Express Liquid Tan has been a cornerstone of our brand's success for two decades. Introducing Dark Express Liquid Tan as part of our 20th-anniversary celebrations is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of tanning excellence."

How Long Does Dark Express Liquid Tan Last?

Formulated with 94% natural, skin-loving, and hydrating ingredients, our Dark Express Liquid Tan offers the same adored benefits of all He-Shi products, providing a long-lasting self-tan that lasts 7-10 days, fading naturally without leaving any patches or tell-tale signs.

Suitable for All Skin Types

Dark Express Liquid Tan is safe for everyone, including those with sensitive skin and pregnant women. Formulated with 94% natural ingredients, it includes Glycerin to maximise skin hydration and prevent dryness. It's especially great for skin conditions such as eczema. We use Avocado Oil and Argan Oil to intensely hydrate and deeply nourish skin, ensuring an even fade with zero patches. This tan is also rich in antioxidants to protect the skin. We avoid ingredients such as parabens, alcohol, sulphates, phthalates, and palm oil. All our products are PETA-approved, vegan-friendly, and always cruelty-free.

What Makes Dark Express Liquid Tan Different?

The Dark Express Liquid Tan marks a new chapter in our formula's evolution, offering a deeper bronze for those seeking a richer tan experience, yet still preserving the beloved qualities of the original

Concerned about self-tanning and its aftermath on your sheets? Unlike many other self-tans that linger and transfer onto fabrics, Dark Express Liquid Tan, like all He-Shi self-tans, is designed to quickly absorb into the skin, leaving a non-sticky finish that won’t rub off. With an instant guide colour, you can apply your tan, see exactly where it goes, and confidently go about your day or go to bed knowing your tan is developing into a gorgeous deep and natural glow.

Enjoy Our Signature Scent

Looking for a self-tan with no smell? We pride ourselves on our He-Shi signature scent of White Nectarine and Pear, which is the best at disguising the development smell of the tanning active DHA. This fragrance is formulated without parabens, alcohol, or phthalates, is long-lasting, and proven to uplift your mood.