Meet Our Golden Hour Set

Meet Our Golden Hour Set

You know that perfect golden hour of the day? The one where the sun makes everything it touches look golden? Well taking inspiration from the sun’s golden hour, we have created our own Golden Hour Tanning Kit. The kit includes our award winning and customer favourite Gold Foaming Mousse, HD Wonder Glow and our luxurious velvet mitt. This trio of products will leave your skin golden and glowing just in time for spring. 

At he-shi, we pride ourselves on caring for every BODY that we tan, so we take skin health seriously. You will notice on the side of the Golden Hour Box we have included a diagram of moles to check whilst you tan. We can’t think of a better time than when tanning to check those pesky moles for any changes and keeping an eye on anything that looks suspicious. Even better, we have made this diagram simple for you to cut out and use each and every time you apply your he-shi tan. 

What’s Included? 

We couldn’t have created three more perfect products to give you that golden hour glow!  


Award winning luxury foaming mousse, that is lightweight, dries in seconds and lasts 7–10 days. It's 'see where it goes' formula means you can be confident of no tell-tale streaks or patches.   

  • Suitable for face & body   
  • Medium colour that can be layered for a more intense colour   
  • Contains Glycerine for ultra-hydration and even fade   
  • Moisture Lock Technology locks in moisture and hydrates   
  • Made from 98% Naturally Derived Ingredients.   



Skin perfecting instant make up for the face and body that highlights and illuminates. Colour correcting technology evens skin tone and covers blemishes, imperfections and veins.   

  • Soothing Aloe Vera provides instant hydration   
  • Crystallised mica minerals create an illuminous glow on the skin   
  • Wear with confidence - splash proof, lasting up to 24 hours   
  • Apply on its own or on top of an existing tan – “liquid tights in a tube”.   



Double sided luxury velvet mitt fits like a glove. Ultra-smooth, with a lotion proof  barrier to help achieve a perfect streak free, even application.   

  • Non-slip grip 
  • Water resistant barrier keeps hands stain free   
  • Re-useable – hand wash.    


How to use? 

If you need to prep your skin (exfoliating, shaving, waxing etc.) make sure to do so 24 hours before application. Then using your Gold Foaming Mousse, apply 1-2 pumps on to your luxurious velvet mitt, gliding the mitt over the skin in circular sweeping movements. Repeat until desired areas have been covered. We advise applying this product and leaving to develop overnight, washing off the next morning (or 6-8 hours after application if applying during the day). Once the guide colour has been washed off, apply the HD Wonder Glow to your mitt and apply to everywhere the sun would naturally highlight for a gorgeous golden glow. We would apply this product to legs, arms and chest so that when the light hits these areas, it will reminisce of the sun’s golden hour. 

Mole Checker 

On the side of the box, we have included a convenient A-E mole guide which you can cut out and use when applying your tan, there is no better time than when tanning to keep an eye out for any suspicious moles or changes. Top Tip – why not screenshot the image saved below so you always have a record of it when tanning on the go!  


Before & After’s 

Who doesn’t love to check out a good before and after to see how the tan applies! Check out some of our best customer before’s and afters using these products below. 

Gold Foaming Mousse

Gold Mousse Before & After


HD Wonder Glow