Meet the Mother Daughter Duo Behind He-Shi!

Meet the Mother Daughter Duo Behind He-Shi!

He-Shi first began in 2004 when Hilary launched the brand with her daughter Shelley. This mother-daughter duo has lead the way for exceptional self-tan both at home and in salons. 

 The brand name He-Shi derives from both Hilary and Shelley combined and the belief than tanning products can be unisex. 

We caught up with Hilary and Shelley to find out how their mother-daughter relationship works within the company. 

Hilary McMurray 

When 4Beauty Group first began, did you always imagine Shelley would play a huge role in the company? 

"Shelley has grown up with Business instilled in her DNA from a very young age. It was probably unavoidable especially as the business originated in a home environment." 

What’s the best thing about working with your daughter? 

Shelley brings youth, vibrance and drive to the table. I am very confident in her ability and it is very rewarding to witness her leadership as MD in taking the company forward." 

Shelley Martin 

When Hilary began He-Shi how old where you and what did you think of the beauty world? 

"Back in 1997, I was 16. I had always been involved in the home hire sunbed business, so tanning was always a thing (in a safe manner). However, the move into self tanning, I thought was mad, because it got such bad press of being streaky, patchy, smelly and difficult to apply." 

Whats the best thing about working with your mum? 

"We have very different roles and personalities. I think it works well, because I have the ideas for products and business development, combined with a passion for understanding the consumer. Mum's background pre-beauty was insurance, so she loves the detail, procedures and process and ensures that everything from a financial perspective is accurate and correct.  

She runs the backend and I guess I run the front end. However in the early days, it was only her and she did it all.  



"I think its great to be able to trust each other and not to worry about what the other business partners intentions are. It takes a level of complexity out of a business partnership." 

Did you always plan on playing a huge role in the company? 

"No definitely not! I didn't see myself as a natural sales person or people person, however I ways knew that we have the best products and brands, we truly create exceptional products.  

2 years ago, the team supported me and encouraged me that I was the best person to lead the company forward. I have literally done every job in the company from Sales Rep, Processing Orders, Banking, Packing Orders, to owning new product development and working with key suppliers. I think that's very important when leading a team, I understand the processes and connections, not to mention the complexities of dealing with so many different sectors. 

I have come to understand my strengths and weaknesses and I surround myself with talented people who are better than me at certain jobs. I am enjoying my new role as MD - certainly was the most challenging year to take that on in 2020, but we have great progress and right now it is about having the best people in the right seat and us all aligning and rowing in one direction."