Protect your skin barrier – self tan for a healthy, flawless glow!

Protect your skin barrier – self tan for a healthy, flawless glow!

We all know how dangerous sitting in the sun can be for our skin – it prematurely ages skin and increases the risk of skin cancer, both of these can cause the skin barrier to be impaired.

At he-shi we believe in happy, healthy skin so we wanted to explain what your skin barrier is, why it’s important to look after it and how sunless tanning will give you a flawless glow all year round (with no damage)!

What is your skin barrier?

Your skin barrier is the watertight seal that protects the outermost layers of skin. A healthy skin barrier will feel soft, supple and plump when healthy whilst a damaged skin barrier may look dull, feel rough and dry.

There can be many reasons a skin barrier can be damaged or impaired, skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, chicken skin are all common ailments that may cause skin to feel dry, itchy and inflamed. Seeing a GP or Dermatologist can help manage these conditions as well as possible as they can prescribe creams, lotions and tablets that can help.

Other simple reasons a skin barrier can be damaged is through use of sunbeds or sitting out in the sun for prolonged periods of time, damaging healthy skin cells. Damaged skin cells through sun exposure and UV rays can cause premature ageing and at worst, skin cancer.

How to look after your skin barrier?

Keeping your skin barrier in top condition helps to keep any skin conditions minimised and we have a few top tips below on how to keep your skin barrier healthy.

  1. Stay away from sunbeds

According to the NHS, “Sunbeds give out harmful UV rays that increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Many sunbeds give out greater doses of UV rays than the midday tropical sun.” Many who use sunbeds are doing so for a deeper lasting tan, so aren’t protecting the skin with an SPF meaning that the rays are damaging the cells at a deeper cellular level causing a higher risk of skin cancer and prematurely ageing the skin.

  1. Always wear an SPF

No matter whether it is summer or winter, you should be applying nothing less than an SPF 30 to your skin. Any parts of your skin that are being exposed to light are at risk of UV exposure, no matter how strong, so to keep skin in top condition and reduce the risk of burning, especially in the summer months, make sure to always apply an SPF.

  1. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

A great way to ensure skin looks and feels great is by applying a moisturiser to the skin daily. Why not apply straight after the shower to lock in moisture and leave skin feeling silky smooth.

  1. Exfoliation is key

Exfoliating your skin once to twice a week by removing dead skin cells helps skin to look and feel healthy. Do this by using some exfoliating gloves or mitt in the shower or by using a layer of the He-Shi Tan Remover for 5 minutes then showering off, will shed those dead skin cells bringing the healthier skin cells to the surface.

Achieve a sunless glow all year round

At he-shi we pride ourselves on the high-quality ingredients we use in our products, we test products for years before they go to market, so you can guarantee only the best quality, flawless tanning results from us.

Our products contain ingredients such as Vitamin E to deeply nourish and fight signs of ageing, Pro Vitamin B5 to hydrate and nourish skin and Millesis to reactivate skin barrier function. All of these nourishing ingredients are combined with our signature White Nectarine and Pear scent to ensure your tan not only applies flawlessly, smells amazing but lasts without going patchy.

Prep your skin with the he-shi Tan Remover and Primer to remove dead skin cells and leave skin prepped and primed for a flawless finish. Choose your he-shi tanning product of choice and apply with our Velvet mitt for an even application. Let your tan develop and wash off, et voila – a sun safe, flawless tan and a happy, healthy skin barrier!