Image of He-Shi Tanning Milks Gold and Dark

Transform Your Self-Care Routine with He-Shi Self-Tanning Milk

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we proudly introduce a new addition to our legacy line: Tanning Milk. This luxurious milk formula is designed to revolutionise tanning rituals and promises to elevate your at-home tanning experience with indulgence and self-care.


What is Tanning Milk?

Tanning milk is a unique product that offers a texture somewhere between a liquid and a lotion. The He-Shi innovative formula combines the nourishing qualities of milk with a velvety texture reminiscent of silk, offering a seamless and luxurious tanning experience, ensuring an even, natural-looking tan. Most tanning milks are white with gradual colour development, but the He-Shi Tanning Milks stand out by offering a signature instant guide colour. This allows you to see exactly where you're applying it, ensuring a streak-free and even application. This feature makes it perfect for both beginners and experienced tanners.


How Does He-Shi Tanning Milk Work?

He-Shi Tanning Milks are made with 95% natural ingredients, offering numerous benefits beyond a tan. Glycerin maximises skin hydration to prevent dryness and scaling, ensuring your tan stays smooth and even. The inclusion of Hyaluronic Acid intensely boosts hydration to keep skin soft while also nourishing the skin's barrier, helping to diminish the signs of ageing by plumping fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, our innovative clinically proven moisturising active maximises the skin's ability to retain moisture, keeping skin hydrated for longer and preventing patchy wear-off.

The quick-drying formula absorbs quickly without any rub-off, allowing you to go about your day knowing it’s developing and moisturising your skin in the process. The tan lasts 7-10 days and fades naturally, ensuring no tell-tale signs of tan or patches.



Luxury Meets Self-Care

Indulge in the luxurious texture of our Tanning Milk, which blends the nourishing qualities of milk with a silky, velvety feel. Available in gold and dark shades, it transforms your at-home tanning routine into a spa-like pampering session. Incorporate this into your weekly self-care ritual or, for those with busy schedules, enjoy it as your 10 minutes of essential self-care downtime.


Why Choose He-Shi Tanning Milk?

Seamless Application 

The Tanning Milks boast a distinctive formula that seamlessly integrates with your skin, ensuring effortless application and a featherweight feel. Its instant colour guide guarantees a flawless application every time.


Our fast-absorbing formula guarantees rapid absorption and a non-sticky texture, enabling you to seamlessly return to your activities without concerns about smudges or stained clothing/bedsheets.


He-Shi Tanning Milk delivers enduring radiance, with your tan lasting 7-10 days and fading naturally. Bid farewell to uneven wear-off marks, maintaining your skin's luminosity and naturally bronzed appearance.


Infused with the signature aroma of white nectarine and pear, the tanning milks not only conceal the DHA development scent but also offer a calming, spa-like experience for your senses during your tanning ritual.

Ethically Formulated

Our Tanning Milks are crafted with 95% natural ingredients, completely free from parabens, alcohol, and harsh chemicals, guaranteeing a vegan and cruelty-free product. Suitable for all, including pregnant women, it promises a luxurious tanning experience without any compromises.


Transform your tanning routine with He-Shi Tanning Milk and enjoy a beautifully bronzed glow with the care and quality you deserve.