Why You Should AVOID Sunbeds and ALWAYS Use Self Tan

Why You Should AVOID Sunbeds and ALWAYS Use Self Tan

It's officially tanning season and we all want to look like sun-kissed, bronzed goddesses with that perfect, “just left the beach” tan. With foreign holidays on hold, many are looking for the best way to achieve a natural glow. 

The idea of hopping on a sunbed and getting a real tan is tempting, especially if you ignore the warnings. Premature ageing is not the only issue with sunbeds. They also increase your chances of developing serious health problems. 

So, what’s the solution? You guessed it– self-tan! When you choose a self-tan like He-Shi you benefit from superior skin health and an instant tan whenever want it! 

Why sunbeds are dangerous

But just in case you’ve been living under a rock the last few years, let’s look at why tanning beds and too much sun can be so dangerous… 

Sunbeds cause increased risk of skin cancer 

Skin cancer (also called melanoma) can be deadly as it kills many thousands of people every year. According to the Irish Cancer Association, one sunbed before the age of 35 increases your risk of developing skin cancer by 65%! 

If you are lucky enough to survive this horrible disease the recovery and removal process can require many procedures and surgeries. 

While not all skin cancer is caused by sun and UV exposure, a large percentage of it is. 

Sunbeds cause suppress the immune system

This issue isn't commonly known or discussed. Immune suppression sounds scary…and it is. 

The skin is the shield with which we protect our body and its vital organs. 

If your immune system is compromised from overexposure to UV radiation, it can cause a lot of problems for your body’s defence system. In this current climate, looking after your health and your immune system is vital. Sunbeds are not worth the increased risk. 

Sunbeds cause premature ageing 

As many of us are aware, sun exposure is one of the biggest causes of premature ageing. Too much UV radiation can cause premature ageing of the skin, giving it a leathery, wrinkled and tough appearance. To avoid this, the application of a daily SPF 30 or more is vital (even if you don't live in a sunny climate.) 

Sunbeds cause skin damage 

Aside from wrinkling and pigmentation, there are other ways in which you can damage your skin with too much exposure to harmful UV rays. 

Here’s a quick list of some of the not-so-lovely side effects of too much exposure: 

  • Age spots – They resemble freckles but are larger and generally appear on the arms and upper back. 
  • Labial Lentigo – A spot on your lower lip from excessive sun exposure. 
  • Melasma- Dark patches on the cheeks, nose, chin and forehead sometimes associated with pregnancy and other female hormonal changes. 
  • Solar Keratoses- Not only do these rough, hard patches look and feel pretty awful, but they can also lead to cancer. 

A Simple Solution: He-Shi Self Tan 


If all of those nasty side effects aren't enough to sway you, He-Shi's Exceptional tanning results and benefits hopefully will. 

Self-tan is a safe way to nourish and treat the skin with no risk to skin health. 

With our wide range of tanning products, you can choose your preferred shade (from light to ultra dark) and your preferred tan formulation (liquid, gel or mousse.)  You simply apply them to your skin, wait 6-8 hours and voila! Perfectly tanned skin! 

Self tan is immediate, easy to use and formulated with skin-loving ingredients to nourish the skin and prevent ageing.