How Many Times a Week Can you Fake Tan?

How Many Times a Week Can you Fake Tan?

Fake tanning has become a self-care ritual for many of us. A convenient way to give yourself a confidence boost with a sun-kissed glow. Fake tanning provides a safe alternative to traditional tanning allowing you to achieve a healthy colour at home or in a salon without exposure to harmful UV rays. 

How often can you apply a liquid, mousse or lotion tan?

How often you will need to fake tan is dependent on what formula of tan product you are using, the intensity of colour you are trying to achieve and how dry your skin is. Skin prep is important if you have exfoliated your skin prior to application this will ensure both an even and long-lasting result. Ensuring your skin is well moisturised after tanning will help maintain your colour. The He-Shi tan range is packed with skin-loving ingredients, these high-quality formulas mean that your tan will last 7-10 days with a natural fade. This means whether you are applying a liquid, lotion or mousse you will only require a weekly application, perfect for busy lifestyles. 

image showing self tan liquid, mousse & lotion

How often can you apply a gradual tan?

If you prefer to slowly build up your tan, a gradual tan is a great option. They are designed to help you achieve a natural-looking tan gradually by building this up over time, working best when used daily to achieve the desired results. He-shi Day to Day Gradual Tan is a fast-absorbing cream containing Vitamin E and Aloe vera to ensure skin is hydrated. This multi-use product can be applied every day on its own to help you build up your colour or it can be used to maintain your tan by prolonging your existing tan.

Can you apply gradual tan twice a day?

Gradual tan is best applied once a day, or every few days depending on the colour you wish to achieve. It Is not recommended to apply gradual tan twice a day as this can cause the product to build up, too much product can affect how even your colour is. It is important to remember that you must still exfoliate your skin in preparation for a gradual tanner as this will ensure an even application and longer-lasting results. 

Can I double-layer tan for a darker shade?

If you want to achieve a deeper coloured tan, you can layer your tan. To do this you must ensure that the first coat has been applied as normal and has dried. Once dry you can immediately apply an additional coat in the same way you had applied the previous. If you are unsure what colour you would like to achieve, then you can wait until your tan has developed and been showered off before you reapply another layer on top to deepen your glow. This rule applies to any formula of tan whether you use a lotion, liquid or mousse.

image of woman applying face tan

How often can you apply face tan?

When applying self-tan to your face, it is important to prepare your skin in the same way you would on your body. Ensure your face has been exfoliated this will remove any dead skin cells and will guarantee an even application, avoiding any patchiness or streaks. Fake tan on your face can fade quicker than on your body due to your skin type and also cleansing and skincare routines. This means that you may have to apply these more frequently to maintain your colour ensuring it is topped up.

The full He-Shi range is formulated with kind-to-skin ingredients meaning they can be applied to both the face and body. But if you wanted a tan specifically for your face there are two options for He-Shi facial tanners. The He-Shi H2O Facial Glow Mist develops a natural medium to dark tan, it is a clear spray that will develop gradually, is suitable for all skin types and will not clog pores.

If you prefer a cream texture, He-Shi Overnight Hyaluronic Tan Balm is a light shade that works to tan your face as you sleep, it is a 3-in-1 formula that will tan, hydrate and prevent the signs of ageing. These can both be applied once a day or every few days depending on the colour you wish to achieve.

Can I apply fake tan over old fake tan?

To maintain your fake tan moisturise daily and avoid using harsh soaps that can cause your tan to fade quickly. You can also maintain your tan by topping it up with a gradual tan to keep your colour looking fresh and even while keeping your skin hydrated. If your tan has been on for a few days and you want to apply more, it is best to remove your tan before you reapply. This will give you a fresh canvas to work off and will ensure that you are not left with any uneven patches or streaks. He-Shi Tan remover and Primer is a great way to remove old tan and exfoliate your skin getting it ready for a fresh application. It uses natural fruit AHA’s to effortlessly remove tan and leave skin feeling hydrated.

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