The Legacy of He-Shi: Celebrating 20 Glowing Years

The Legacy of He-Shi: Celebrating 20 Glowing Years

He-Shi proudly marks a glowing 20-year journey, celebrating the exceptional tanning experience that has defined our legacy since launching in 2004.

Legacy isn't just about our journey of growth; it's a captivating tale where seeing is believing, woven through generations of family, friends, and you. Celebrating every beautiful shape, size, and tone, each perpetually enhanced with He-Shi. 

The history of He-Shi 

In 2004, He-Shi launched with a vision to revolutionise the self-tan experience, introducing the first tanning product in Ireland, the first tan with a guide colour for easier application, no nasty odours and seamlessly streak-free, leaving your skin with an exceptionally beautiful glow.

Over the past two decades, He-Shi has not only established the brand but has dominated the self-tan market. Reflecting on our journey, we are thrilled with the success earned through the encouragement and word-of-mouth through multiple generations, the strong partnerships with retail and salon collaborators, and the unwavering support from our loyal repeat glowers. Satisfied customers always return, and we are excited to continue growing from strength to strength.

The Name: He-Shi

Whilst being naturally unisex, the name is a playful swap of the 'i' and 'e' in our founder's names, Hilary and Shelley (pronounced he she)

What's more, the duo is a legacy of mother and daughter:


The Evolution of the Legacy Line

With more than 20 years of tanning expertise in every bottle, He-Shi has continued to pioneer innovative tanning concepts with the finest ingredients. Our products are multi-functional providing a natural-looking, long-lasting tan that is beneficial for your skin whilst being eco and vegan-friendly. Each year, we harness innovation to inspire new products or enhance existing ones, tailoring them to address customer needs and provide solutions that seamlessly integrate tanning into your daily routine. Our goal is to make it effortlessly slot into your lifestyle:


Years 0-5: The Glowing Beginning

  1. In 2004, we marked the beginning of our legacy with the Award-Winning and Hero product Express Liquid Tan which is still standing strong as our number one best seller. Its colour guide paved the way for a streak-free golden glow.
  2. By 2006, the commitment to revolutionising tanning continued with the introduction of our first Express Liquid salon spray tan solution. 
  3. In the same year, the patented Tanning Mitt became a must-have accessory, a trusted partner in achieving a flawlessly bronzed glow.
  4. In 2008, the Multi Fusion Bronze added a new dimension, offering a multi-shade mosaic bronzer for a sheer, natural glow with a hint of golden shimmer.
  5. Building on the glow, 2009 saw the launch of the Day to Day Gradual Light Tan. This multi-functional gradual tanner served as both a light tan and a daily moisturiser, extending the life of tan while hydrating the skin.

Years 5-10: 

  1. In 2010, He-Shi continued its glowing journey with the launch of the award-winning Dark Foaming Mousse. Drawing inspiration from emerging market trends and the innovation of tanning mousse, the ground-breaking Dark Foaming Mousse not only achieves a rich, bronzed colour but also offers a seamlessly smooth and moisturising texture.
  2. 2011 led to the development of further He-Shi Salon Spray Tan solutions, catering to those seeking deeper bronzes.
  3. 2013 witnessed the introduction of the Gold Foaming Mousse, recognised as the 'Best Body Self Tan'. Responding to evolving trends we created a mousse alternative to our hero product, Express Liquid Tan. Crafted for mousse enthusiasts, it guarantees a flawlessly natural and medium bronzed colour.
  4. 2014 marked the launch of The Rapid 1 Hour Liquid - catering for those spontaneous moments, offering a flawless tan in just 60 minutes while also granting control over the intensity of the tan shade.

Years 10-15: 

  1. In 2017, He-Shi unveiled the Pro-Advanced Salon Spray Tan collection, featuring Gold, Rich Bronze, and Rapid Tan - an advanced range catering to diverse tanning preferences. Smart tanning technology and premium ingredients not only nourishes the skin but also provided salons with the longest-lasting spray tan in the market.
  2. 2018 brought innovation with the Luxury Velvet Tanning Mitt. Its ultra-soft surface ensured a flawless, streak-free tan, becoming a staple for tanning enthusiasts.
  3. 2019 witnessed the launch of the multi-functional Tan Remover and Primer, a dual-purpose innovation crafted to seamlessly remove tan while doubling as an ideal primer. This multitasking solution creates a blank canvas for the next He-Shi tanning application.
  4. In the same year, we launched Rapid 1 Hour Mousse for those who love a mousse formulation. This variant offers the same advantages as our Rapid 1 Hour Liquid, providing rapid control over the depth of colour intensity.

Years 15-20: Continuing the Glowing Evolution

  1. In 2020, He-Shi elevated the glow with HD Wonder Glow - a versatile 2-in-1 highlighting and illuminating wash-off formula. Crafted for standalone use or as an enhancement over tan, it not only elevates your glow but also discreetly conceals skin blemishes, imperfections, and veins.
  2. The same year we launched Ageless Tan Balm, later rebranded Overnight Hyaluronic Tan Balm. Accompanied by a name change and the infusion of lavender, known for its sleep-inducing properties, this balm not only enhances the skin's barrier and hydration but also assures a radiant golden glow upon awakening.
  3. 2021 brought the H20 Glow Facial Mist - a hydrating formula infused with the key ingredient Hyaluronic Acid. Perfect for makeup-free days or achieving a luminous holiday glow. Top Tip - this facial mist is also effective in naturally tanning your hands and feet when applying body tan, ensuring a seamless and natural look.
  4. In 2022, the Hydra Luxe Lotion provided maximum hydration and a golden glow, preventing dryness, dehydration, and premature ageing.
  5. 2023 saw the introduction of the Blend to Bronze Brush - a luxurious tool ensuring a streak-free tan application, especially for the hands, feet and tricky-to-tan areas. 
  6. Lastly, the Dark Day to Day Gradual Tan in 2023 was unveiled, catering to medium to darker complexions and those seeking a prolonged darker tan.
  7. 2024 -  New Product Developments soon to be revealed... 

Seeing is Believing: Award-Winning Self-Tan 

Esteemed panels of beauty experts and enthusiastic fans have proclaimed He-Shi worthy of numerous awards. We take great delight in being acknowledged for our exceptional formulas and pioneering tanning innovations over the past 20 years and beyond.
Press and Media influence has helped build the brand to where it is today, playing a pivotal role in building our brand to its current stature, we extend our gratitude for the countless features in press articles, magazines across Ireland and the UK, and QVC.

However, traditional media isn't the sole driving force in influencing our target audience. Our gratitude extends to the power of word of mouth, an immensely valuable aspect that we credit for the majority of our success. We express our appreciation to our loyal brand ambassadors, influencers, and the dynamic social media space. Through these channels, including the significant value of word of mouth, we've connected with thousands of self-tanners, converting them into devoted He-Shi fans.

Where can you find he-shi? 

He-Shi is globally accessible through our website, ensuring an effortless shopping experience. Enjoy the added convenience of free shipping options for customers in the UK and Ireland, along with the flexibility of easy payment in three instalments through Klarna.

Our physical presence extends to well-known retailers, including chemists like Gordons, Medicare, and Lloyds Pharmacy, along with major supermarkets like Tesco and Next!

For convenient online shopping, He-Shi is readily available at Amazon, Superdrug, Look Fantastic, Sephora, Debenhams, Cosmetify and more.

Experience the expertise of a professional He-Shi tan, where trained professionals deliver an exceptional salon finish glow using He-Shi bronzed to your preference. Locate your nearest He-Shi salon here.

What's next for He-Shi? 

We are thrilled to announce several exciting new product launches this year, coinciding with our official 20th birthday celebration. Committed to promoting Happy, Healthy Skin, we uphold our promise to offer exceptional tanning solutions for indulgence at home or in the salon. Each product is designed to deliver tangible results, ensuring an experience that will undoubtedly commit you to the He-Shi tribe.