Fake Tan Tips for Winter | How to achieve your best winter self-tan

Fake Tan Tips for Winter | How to achieve your best winter self-tan

As the summer sun fades and you begin layering your clothes to stay warm, don't let your summer glow fade as well! Staying tanned during the winter months can sometimes feel like a chore considering we are often covering up head to toe but not only will it remind you of warmer days, it can also boost your confidence in the gloomier months as well as inspiring you to put together cosy outfits that show off your winter radiance.

Choose the best formula for winter tanning 

During winter, it is important that we nourish our skin with hydrating ingredients as the harsher weather conditions can leave our skin feeling dry and a lot less radiant than normal. At he-shi, we pride ourselves in using enriching and hydrating ingredients in all our products, but remember, everyone’s skin is unique! Make sure that you take time to research and understand your skin’s needs and what self-tan will work best for your skin type.

Need help deciding which fake tan you should use? Our blog detailing the different formulas should help you make an informed decision: FAKE TAN LOTION VS MOUSSE OR LIQUID: WHAT SHOULD YOU CHOOSE? 



Self-tanning lotions are a great option for those with dry skin as they contain hydrating properties such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help prevent the skin from becoming dry and patchy during the tanning process. The cream or gel like consistency helps the formula to spread evenly over the skin, achieving a natural and healthy-looking glow.

he-shi Hydra Luxe Lotion is enriched with an abundance of nourishing, hydrating and antioxidant-rich ingredients that work together to prevent skin dryness, dehydration, and premature ageing, ensuring that your tan is long-lasting and fades gracefully in the same way as a natural tan would.



Gradual Tan 

When moisturiser meets fake tan, gradual tanning is becoming more and more popular, especially during winter. Unlike other tanning products, gradual tanning gives you complete control over the intensity of your tan making it an ideal choice for those new to tanning!

Gradual tans such as he-shi Light Day to Day Gradual tan and Dark Day to Day Gradual tan are packed full of skin loving ingredients such as Vitamin E, Pro Vitamin B5 and Aloe Vera. They are formulated to achieve a lighter, ultra-natural looking tan that lasts 3-5 days or to be used as a daily moisturiser to extend the life of your existing tan.


Liquid Tan  

Self-tanning liquids are the lightest weight formula available. They are packed full of hydrating ingredients such as glycerine for ultra hydration, and with their texture being a thin liquid, they dry within seconds, eliminating the need to wait for the product to dry on your skin.

Our Award-winning he-shi Express Liquid Tan is the original iconic express liquid tan. Boasting an exceptionally hydrating, lightweight liquid formula, it swiftly dries in seconds ensuring a long-lasting tan that lasts for an impressive 7 to 10 days.


Opt for a natural look 

So we understand fake tanning is based on personal preference and we are all for choosing the tone that makes you feel confident but why not boost your confident throughout winter with a healthy, skin enhancing glow that looks so natural that people won’t be able to tell you’ve tanned?

Embrace the beauty of a natural-looking tan that effortlessly elevates your winter glow. As the colder months settle in, it's the perfect time to indulge in a subtle radiance that not only complements your style but also nourishes your skin.


Exfoliate your skin prior to winter tanning 

Before you start self-tanning, it is crucial that you prepare your skin properly for a flawless application. Begin by exfoliating your skin to remove any dead skin cells, as they can cause a new application of tan to look patchy and uneven. Pay extra attention to rougher areas such as your elbows, knees and ankles as skin tends to be drier and thicker in these areas.

Create a blank canvas for your next tanning application by using he-shi Tan Remover and Primer to prep and prime your skin. Infused with natural passion fruit, pineapple and grapefruit acids and enzymes, this AHA tan remover effectively removes old tan and dead skin in just 5 minutes, without the need for vigorous scrubbing.


Moisturise those dry patches 

Remember when we said to pay extra attention to rougher areas such as your elbows, knees and ankles as skin tends to be drier and thicker? The same applies when it comes to moisturising! After exfoliating, moisturise your skin to ensure that it's hydrated and smooth to avoid fake tan clinging to specific areas. Avoid using oil-based moisturisers or products containing perfume, as they can interfere with the self-tanning process.

 girl moisturising the skin on her legs

Target your winter tan 

As much as we love that flawless full body glow, our winter wardrobe often covers most of it! When using fake tan during winter, concentrate on tanning the areas that will be on display such as your face, neck, arms and hands. However, if you are planning to wear ripped jeans, skirts or dresses, we would recommend extending the tanning process to your legs too.

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